Education Abroad

We have our offices in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and RD Congo, Philmack Consulting has been operating in East Africa since 2005. We have assisted over 2000 students to further their education in India.



Philmack Consulting offers the following services:

  1. We conduct exhibitions for Spot Admission on behalf of the institutes at various African countries - Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and RD Congo (2012 - Exhibition calendar attached).

  2. We help colleges and universities in building their brand awareness through our School Contact Program and through our magazine “Namaste Africa”, (Copy attached).

  3. We also provide our partners with government sponsored students from Africa. Africa Education exhibition schedule for 2012 (Exhibition calendar attached), is divided into 4 phases in line with result declaration of “A” level students in various African countries.

  4. School contact Programmes, Seminars and interviews across East Africa

  5. Processing and procurement of India’s student visa

  6. Payment through our office of tuition fees, etc.

  7. Discounted student air tickets

  8. Accommodation reservations

  9. Airport pick-up reservations

  10. Pre-departure briefings

We hold regular interview sessions around East Africa usually with a representative from an Indian university/college. During these sessions, students will be given the opportunity to be counseled on courses available, the course entry requirements, the tuition and living expenses, etc. Students who require information outside these sessions can contact our offices for further information.

For the next three years we have an exclusive MOU with Lovely Professional University to Promotes its programmes in East Africa. The University has grown phenomenally from its infancy as a management and IT institute to the India's Largest University. The University has emerged as a global university with distinctive strengths in education and entrepreneurship development. It is a platform for excellence in teaching, learning and administration, state-of-the-art information technology is extensively used in the University, contributing to the development of well-trained graduates, post graduates and doctorates to meet the professional manpower needs of India as well as the world. (Read More………)